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"Enchanted by Nature" - feature article on my photography in the Philadelphia Inquirer

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Calendar 2015

2015 Calendar - Patterns of Nature

Welcome to Andy Smith Photography, an exploration of images from the art of nature, primarily the Delaware River Watershed, the greater Philadelphia area and the Southern New Jersey Shore. The site contains natural images, photographs of landscapes, seascapes, birds, animals, and natural objects. While my bird and wildlife photography is primary, I attempt to capture the beauty of sunsets, sunrises, mountains, waterfalls, and most of what can be found outdoors. Subjects also include people in various settings since we, too, are fundamentally natural creatures and enjoy the natural world in activities like canoeing and kayaking.

I firmly believe that as we get in touch with nature that is immediately around us, we expand our knowledge of ourselves. As a Philadelphia area nature photographer, my natural ecological home is the watershed of the Delaware River.  Other close and ecologically different natural areas are the coast of Southern New Jersey, and Northwest New Jersey.   While there are numerous other wonderful places, we have many treasures in our backyard. Most of my nature photography explores these treasures.  We do not have to travel far to see the wonders of the natural world around us.

Have fun and enjoy your time on this site where all images are for sale in different sizes and formats. Invite me to do a presentation using my images in your community. I love talking about what I see and how I have seen it. Contact me by telephone or email. For a brief overview of my work go to the slide show.

The images on this website are low resolution and do not compare with the detail available in the digitally produced prints.

To see certain contents of this web site including large images you need to set your browser to allow scripts and active x controls.

Each product that I ship is inspected for visible defects. I warrant the product to be free from defects at the time of shipment, and guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with any product you order. If you are not, the product will be promptly replaced or your money refunded, at your choice, less shipping and handling. Product must be returned within 30 days of shipment.

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